Innovative Quality Dental Systems, dental INDIA, Pvt. Ltd is a collaboration of a community that is developed to have an absolute package of the dental dynasty which is a combination of four main corner stone fields of dentistry which includes:

  1. Purchase of the required Dental equipments and clinical products including all instruments and materials used in the dentistry through an online portal – Prudentstores.com and delivery of products.
  2. Imparting the knowledge of the major fields of dentistry through – Academy for Dental Excellence
  3. Management of a Dental clinic or Hospital through an application of a complete modern and digitalized concept called – Pulp Pro SoftTM – Clinical Management Software.
  4. The indispensible part is Dentistry is to prepare the Prosthesis and hence supportive to which we have – IQDS Dental Laboratory.

The Origination of IQDS:

The founder of IQDS is Dr. Vivekanandan along with his unbound knowledge in the theories of the dental phenomenon’s and the Excellency in his practice made him think likewise to build a very new concept of collaborating four different and most necessary fields of dentistry under a roof and he termed it as IQDS.

As any usual start up there were lots of disintegrations and technical aspect pitfalls making it difficult to visualize the concept by the techies; but indeed on the later end after almost a year and a half of struggle it is all being roped in quite well from all ends and aspects. At each point of uneasiness that the techie’s faced, Dr. Vivek would coordinate with them for hours together and help making them understand the whole scenario happening in his mind about the project into papers and patiently would give them all the moral and theoretical support in order to make them understand it and create it well.

Finally, he is been successful in imparting all his better ends and not only the techie’s but also his companions in the same fraternity are awing to have a look into this happen in live. It would turn out to be a superior success having such a tenacious effort been put in.

The Theme of IQDS:

This is an idea originally conceived by Dr. Vivek, to have a community of IQDS created for doctors to enter into the frame by purchasing products through the online site “Prudentstores.com” while they will be receiving a complimentary Web Application “Pulp Pro Soft” for digitalizing their clinic. Meanwhile having an added advantage of taking up courses to refurbish and embellish their knowledge about the theoretical and practical aspects of dentistry and also to provide a very good prosthesis work; having an international Laboratory set up and a swift delivery of the same.

The Axioms of IQDS:

THE Prudentstores.com is an online web portal where you would find dental products and materials on comparatively lower and affordable rates with variable timely offers. It ensures our clients that we have all kinds of supplies starting from normal daily use disposable products to high range clinical products. This portal provides a very user friendly ordering facility and our dedicated dispatch team targets a speedy delivery. This induces in having our prime focus to satisfy our clients with the ‘best products’ and an ‘in-time’ delivery.

Academy for Dental Excellence is yet another Star of our constellations; the thought of which is developed to cultivate the most standard and highly modernized techniques of dentistry through numerous levels of courses provided for newly graduated students or could also be taken up by any dentist who wants to acquire knowledge through these courses. Our most esteemed and eminent team of FACULTY would incarnate to share their theoretical and practical knowledge through these courses. The subjects that would be covered would be mainly under: Orthodontia, Prosthodontics, Endodontic, General dentistry and more on the run… this will be a guide and a limelight of all our aspects covered.

IQDS Dental Laboratory, which is a highly standard lab that includes cutting edge technology of making dental prosthesis and our expertise deal with customized products such as crowns, bridges, denture and orthodontic appliances. They have set a goal for preparing the prosthesis in quick time and the products have a life – like appearance. The special technicians employed for the lab are from overseas and have an immense knowledge into the splendid modernized techniques making their work look exclusive and would compete to international standards; this is a highly convincing factor for all end users.

Clinical Management Software – PulpPro Soft, It is one of a kind application which is chair side aide for dentist and medicos to maintain their patients EMR, through which we would be able to maintain highly international standards. We intend to provide this as a totally free component for all the end users who would purchase the products through the online web portal – PrudentStores.com. The application consists of a wide range of options, having a desire to develop the clinics and hospitals pertaining to dentistry as completely digitalized. The features like Appointments, Billing, Treatment and prescriptions make an overall history as well as Future details of the patients visit. it also includes revenue charts which will basically be effective in monitoring the health and wealth of the clinic. If needed, we would also provide campaigns to promote and advertize our end users to raise their repute directly allowing a good revenue generation.


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